Grocery Assistance Program (GAP)

In partnership with the Daily Bread program of the Great Plains Food Bank, CHARISM offers a weekly supplemental food program for the residents of Community Homes in McCormick Park.  Excess perishables like fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and breads, as well as other foods nearing the end of their shelf-lives are donated by local stores and distributed weekly at the CHARISM Family Center, located in the center of Community Homes.

From 1:30 – 3:00 pm on Fridays, residents with identification (such as a drivers license, utility bill, or rent receipt) may receive supplemental food right in their own neighborhood, alleviating transportation barriers to food assistance.  Moreover, as most of the program volunteers are also residents, there is a sense of ownership, pride, and effort — making GAP more than a hand-out.  GAP builds leadership skills and community while helping to ensure that no one needs to go to bed hungry in our neighborhood.

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