Re “fresh” ing :)

The youth of our McCormick summer camp were fortunate, once again, this summer to have the opportunity to nurture a garden! The kids enjoyed watering the plants using recycled milk jugs, pulling weeds, killing weeds with a homemade weed killer (vinegar and Dawn dish soap), and anxiously watching the strawberry plants to see their first fruits! :)


Campers and group leader Andrew, watering the garden!

We are thrilled to finally harvest the first of the produce! (Due to the weather and waiting period for supplies, we had a slow start planting) We plan to participate in the Hunger Free ND program by donating a portion of the fresh produce from the youth garden, as well as the community garden, to the Great Plains Food Bank! The youth, as well as the adults, will learn what it feels like to “Give Back” to their community! :)