What I Like About CHARISM…

The other day one of the boys who comes to CHARISM wanted to share what he likes about CHARISM.  Here were his comments:

  • laughing
  • acting goofy
  • being accepted for who I am
  • face to face connections
  • mentoring beyond pen and paper
  • dancing
  • smiles and high-fives
  • expression of emotions
  • reading and telling stories
  • cart wheels
  • computer time together
  • playing board games, even when [my brother] wins!
  • piggy-back rides
  • snacks (laughing with mouth full)

These thoughts are a glimpse into what why this child loves coming to CHARISM.  Not only did he enjoy the fun activities that CHARISM provides, but was also able to recognize the deeper connections that CHARISM brings to the plate.  This was such a sweet and thoughtful list that we as staff wanted to share it!