New Youth Intern

Hi everyone-

Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. My name is Brittney, and I am the new youth intern at CHARISM.  I am a graduate Social Work student from UND, and I will be with CHARISM until August.  I am extremely excited to work with this wonderful group of people who are making such a difference in these children’s lives and the communities they reside in.

So far, I am had the opportunity to participate in a lot of events my first week with CHARISM.  My favorite part of my day is working with the youth that are in the Little Learners program.  Wednesday and Thursday CHARISM went on a field trip to Lein Farms where the kids were introduced to horses, jumped on the trampoline, and made a Mother’s Day flower pot.  We all had a lot of fun!!

Well that’s all for now. Talk to you all soon! :)

Brittney – Youth Intern