Farming with Little Learners

Yesterday and today we had the privilege of having a visit from Ann Ueland, who lives on a local farm (and also happens to be my mother!). Many children in the Fargo-Moorhead community have never been to a farm despite living so close to so many farms, and so many different TYPES of farms! Some of the children in our Little Learners program have been to farms in other countries, but never an American farm. We were excited for them to learn about agriculture in the Red River Valley and in North Dakota.

Ann presenting information about farming to some of our Little Learners.

Little Learners

Ann taught them about crops that are typically grown in North Dakota, such as wheat, corn, soybeans and sugar beets.

A growing corn plant

A sugar beet

She also showed them models of equipment used to plant the seeds and harvest the crops, including tractors, combines, and Quadtracks.

Model farming equipment

The kids then got to learn what each type of crop looks like when it’s harvested. They glued sunflower seeds to a picture of a sunflower, sugar to a picture of a sugar beet, etc. Then they saw examples of food made from these crops, such as cereal!

We love getting to teach the kids about new things, especially things that are a big part of their community here in the Red River Valley, such as agriculture!